Medication Assistance Program

What is CMH's Pharmacy Connection?

Community Memorial Healthcenter and Community Memorial Healthcenter Foundation (CMHF) offer a valuable service, at no cost, to qualifying patients. CMH's Pharmacy Connection is a program that offers patients without prescription coverage assistance in obtaining their prescription medications.

CMH's Pharmacy Connection utilizes software that includes information on over 7,000 medications. Many prescription drug manufacturers have patient assistance programs for uninsured, low-income patients.

How do I know if I qualify?

While there are general income guidelines, many manufacturers qualify patients on a case-by-case basis.

Who do I call?

CMH's Pharmacy Connection is administered at CMH through CMH Foundation. Patients are referred by their CMH affiliated physician. The number to call for more information or to schedule an appointment is (434) 774-2584.

Staff members are Patient Advocates, serving as liaisons between drug manufacturers, physicians and qualifying patients.

Where do I go?

CMH's Pharmacy Connection offices are located at:

The Thomas W. Leggett Center
300 E. Ferrell Street
South Hill, Virginia.

CMH's Pharmacy Connection is part of Community Memorial Healthcenter's commitment to the citizens of the communities we serve and is a service of our physicians and their patients.




Eligibility is based on household income and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ guidelines.  Made possible through a RxRelief Virginia grant from the Virginia Health Care Foundation.