Nursing Careers

Mission - We demonstrate compassion in all we do.
We deliver safe effective care that produce outcomes in a manner that allows nurses to leave at the end of the day proud of what they have accomplished, knowing their care has made a difference.

Core Values
We value the delivery of quality patient care.
-We aspire to have positive patient outcomes.
-We value the professional practice of nursing.
-We provide an environment where patients feel safe.
-We value collegiality, teamwork and cohesiveness.
-We value our role as patient and family advocates.
-We value compassion and care.
-We value knowledge and skill.
-We provide evidence that our nursing care makes a difference.
-We value our integral (united) relationship with our community.

Nursing Philosophy
Our nursing team is dedicated to providing holistic, compassionate care in a professional manner to our patients, their families and our community. Throughout the lifespan of our diverse population, we pride ourselves as patient advocates by preventing diseases, restoring health, and promoting wellness, while respecting dignity and quality of life. Our philosophy is based on the understanding that the art of nursing is an ever-evolving practice that demands a life long commitment to learning.

Nursing Theoretical Framework
The nursing department theoretical framework is the Relationship Based Model of Care. The Relationship Based Model of Care encompasses three important relationships that must be maintained in the delivery of quality patient care. First is our relationship with our patients and families. This relationship is at central consideration in all we achieve as nurses. Second is our relationship with our colleagues and healthcare partners. It is through this relationship that we are successful in our pursuit of excellence in patient care delivery. We recognize their contributions and honor our collaborative relationships. Third is our relationship with ourselves. We recognize that in order to deliver excellent care we must be at our best therefore we support healthy work environments and the importance of taking care of ourselves. We believe that relationships are built one at a time and require a life long commitment.